158 Via Verdi
After the Rain
Ancient Buddhist Temple ~ Thailand
Ascending to the Monestary~Laos
At the Monastery Door
Back "Streets" of Venice
Backyard Garden
Blue Doorway and Child
Blue Shutters and Cat
Boy of the Monastery
Building Blues
...but not Forgotten
Café Cat
Café de Van Gogh
Café Petit
Canalside Balcony
Canalside Palazzo
Child of Burma
Cobbler Shop Window ~ Hunnan, China
Cottage at Dawn
Cottage on the Moors
Courtyard Pario
Crocus Blossom
Daydreaming ~ Tanjore

Deux Tulipes
Dorset Garden
Edgartown Morning
En Garde
Evening in the Piazza
Fenetre de la Vieille Ferme
First Light
Flowers for Sale
Flower Pots
Frangipani ~ Sepia
French Garden
French Lace
Grandmère à la Fenêtre
Greek Patio


Greek Patio Blues
Harbor Taverna
Hillside Villa
Hollyhock Garden
Hommage to Buddha
In the Spotlight
In Sync ~ Hunnan, China
Intérieur du Château
Islander Sunset
Jardin Bourgignon
La Palette
La Place de Cotignac
Lace Window
Lakeside Portico
Layers of Time
Le Petit Zinc
Le Relais
Les Trois Chaises
Les Volets Bleus
Light and Shadow
Lilies in the Mist
Lotus Blossom ~ Bali
Lotus Blossom ~ Bali ~ Sepia
Maison de Madame Duval
Marché du Midi
Medina Gate
Medina Market
Menemsha Blues
Mezza Voce
Misty Morning ~ Edgartown
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden, No. 1
Monet's Garden, No. 2
Monet's Garden, No. 3
Monet's Garden, No. 4
Monet's Garden, No. 5
Monk in Motion~Laos
Monk in Quiet Contemplation~Laos
Monk Wrapping His Robe~Laos
Morning Light ~ Chinese Village
Mysore Market
Nature's Hand~Cambodia
Orchard in Spring
Panorama del Lago
Peacock House
Peruvian Lilly ~ Sepia
Peruvian Lilly
Pond Perspective I ~ Chilmark
Pond Perspective II ~ Chilmark
Poppy Dreams ~ Provence


Poppy Profusion
Porch Afternoon
Purple Shutters
Quiet Canal Morning
Rainy Day Roses
Regalo con Fiore
A Shared Moment ~ Hunnan, China
Sisters ~ Jaipur
St. Guilhem-le-Désert

Stairway Blues
Still Life - Burgundy
Still LIfe ~ Cordes
Stone and Flowers
Sunflowers and Poppies
Sunset on Snow ~ Moshup Trail
Taverna Cat
Terrasse de Provence
Thai Garden
Thai Lilies I
Thai Lilies II
Thai Lilies III
Timeless Temple ~ Angkor
Trio (Surf Rhythms)
Trio ~ Sepia
Tuscan Hillside
Tuscan Lane
Tuscan Tabby
Tuscan Villa
Twilight at the Black Dog
Udaipur Market Scene
Under the Tuscan Sun
Usual Place
Venetian Regatta
Villa in the Morning Mist
Villa Rosa
Villa Tranquilità
Village Cat
Waiting for Mother
Waiting Cat
Winter at the Black Dog Tavern
Winter Frolic in"The Field"
Winter Gold ~ Menemsha
Wisteria Profusion
Woman Laborer
Woman Waiting
Yes, We Have Bananas


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